From 5 employees when we started in 2010 to 2 full service offices operating in Dubai and Ukraine, Foxtrapp today has a team of 100 strategic thinkers, developers, designers, project managers and support staff with experience in iOS, Android, web and server side technologies.

Our clients range from tech start ups to multi-nationals and government entities and what sets us apart is 2 key differentiators :

The first is transparency
More than a word to us - we have actual, tangible tools that clients can access to see and measure KPIs on all the products we create for them.

The second is commitment
Every team member is not just involved in a project, they are invested in it. A deep sense of ownership and responsibility in creating and developing a client’s technology solution as their own, because your success is our success.

Building an app is about ensuring you focus on the right things from Day One. We’ll work with you to define a minimum viable product, establish feasibility and lock down the product positioning. Our validation process helps make data-driven decisions on the best features choices for your app.

Our focus in on creating clean, simple and intuitive products. Our user-centric design approach embraces extensive usability testing and experienced designers working closely with our development team.

Foxtrapp has a strong development team led by high profile technologists. From our genesis we’ve been massive proponents of Agile development. We ship code daily and allow frequent changes throughout the product development lifecycle. Our team is given the flexibility to innovate, whilst maintaining discipline and transparency to deliver projects on time.

QA and testing is an ongoing process that happens after developing each feature. We run consecutive testing on it after we are feature-complete. And then finally on the finished product. Our QA experts work closely with the development team during the complete phase to ensure each feature is delivering optimal value.

Post launch we will work with your team to provide data insights into improving your product. We work with you to scale your product and always optimize the user journey.

Our Offices

Office 2804, Exchange Tower,Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 425 59 44
Fedencia 38/1 street, Uzhhorod, Ukraine
Tel: +380 (98) 433 31 33

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