P&G planogram

Web / CMS

What P&G wanted:

A way around the single, ‘ideal’ planogram that all salesmen and merchandisers are given. The problem was that this was not a one-size-fits-all solution since each retail space comes with its own location and constraints, different shelf sizes and it was an uphill task for the sales force to improvise each time while implementing this planogram.

What Foxtrapp did:

Created a powerful tool for the sales force or merchandizer – an easy-to-use interface that helps him/her generate the planogram down to the exact size at a specific trade channel location, eliminating any guesswork and margin for error. We also architected a backend that enables the Brand Manager at Head Office to configure the planograms based on category / specific brand / channel/ shelf size with algorithms that help intelligently adapts planograms to various store shelf sizes.

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